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Početna Proizvodi Dronovi DJI Dron DJI MATRICE 210 V2 Combo

Dron DJI MATRICE 210 V2 Combo

75.021,10 kn
Izračun rata

Kartice 2-12 rate: 71.270,09 kn - već od 5.939,17 kn/mj
Kartice 13-36 rate: 75.021,10 kn - već od 2.083,92 kn/mj
Cijena dostave 40,00 kn za područje RH (osim otoka i Dubrovačko-ner. županije)
67.519,00 kn
Naša najniža cijena za internet bankarstvo, pouzeće,
kartice jednokratno
O proizvodu

Built with enterprise users in mind, DJI's Matrice 210 Professional Quadcopter leverages the Inspire 2 platform but is ruggedized and built to withstand harsh conditions. The body of the drone itself is rated at IP43 for weather and water resistance in the field. Dual battery bays can house two TB55 batteries to power the drone for flights lasting up to 32 minutes.

The advanced electronics found in the Matrice 210 include computer-vision intelligent flight modes using DJI's FlightAutonomy system. With this system objects in front of, below, and above the drone can be detected and avoided automatically. What's more: using the onboard 2-axis stabilized FPV camera, the pilot can navigate the Matrice 210 without being limited to a mounted gimbal camera's field-of-view.

For image capture and analysis, the Matrice 210 is compatible with DJI's separately available Zenmuse gimbal cameras, including the X5S, X7 and Z30 — with each model offering different FOV options, as well as the XT2 and XT with the help of gimbal adapter, which offers thermal imaging. The 210 model can have two different gimbal cameras mounted underneath the drone for forward and downward views, or one gimbal camera mounted atop the drone for upward views, useful for examining infrastructure from below.

M210 has IP43 rating

Takeoff Weight Maximum: 13.5 lb / 6.14 kg
Maximum Speed
P Mode: 37 mph (61 km/h)
S Mode: 51.6 mph (83 km/h)
A Mode: 51.6 mph (83 km/h)

DJI's Matrice 200 Professional Quadcopter ruggedized and built to withstand harsh conditions. IP43 protection. Gimbal camera compatibility (X5S, X7, Z30, XT2)
Can carry 2 cameras at once

Tehničke specifikacije
24 mj.
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